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Global agencies

Demanding advertisers require the best ad technology. When it comes to optimising ads for local targeting, DeepReach empowers your media trading teams to boost their productivity and deliver exceptional performance.

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No more struggling to deliver the best local strategies

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Spend time on catchment areas, not on ad networks

Most large agencies organise their trading desk by media. One team for Google, one for social, one for programmatic... This approach is too limited when you have to operate dozens of local ads.

DeepReach will help your media traders to allocate the right budget to the right areas, in order to align perfectly with the business needs of your advertisers.

Get more local advertising budgets

You can secure your agency revenues and upsell existing advertisers by including multi-local activations.

DeepReach allows your teams to manage, with incredible accuracy, all digital media strategies for each single catchment area.

By optimising each geotarget on all digital media, you will be able to present a much higher campaign performance, without increased effort.

Optimal set up of your local ads

Ad networks plugged from day 1

DeepReach is integrated with every ad network that counts for local campaigns: Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram, Snapchat, Waze & Maps, but also all websites, apps, and audio inventories through Xandr and DV 360 programmatic display network.

Being omnichannel is key to performing in local campaigns. DeepReach makes your teams omnichannel-ready and opens the door to exciting times for you agency’s business.

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Advanced geotargeting

Do you work with brands with different visibility needs depending on the region, city, or neighbourhood? then you must know the difficulty of allocating efforts according to each zone and optimising these micro-campaigns over the entire duration.

Whether it is a network of points of sale, e-commerce players,or local services, DeepReach is the solution providing the most accurate  campaigns geotargeting:

  • Geofencing: define zones in order to precisely set up your targeting campaigns
  • Geocoding: align all advertising platforms via the same geographical coordinates
  • Overbidding: avoid overlapping areas and reduce budget waste

Less operations. More margins.

Impact your teams' operational margins

We know the problem of agencies: how to maintain sufficient margins while guaranteeing the best advertising performance for your clients.  optimising a campaign, every day, on every network, requires a real human investment from your trading desk.

However, local campaigns consist of dozens of micro-campaigns. Impossible to manage manually, unless you are equipped with DeepReach, which will automate the complex media planning tasks in each area.

Try DeepReach, it's like multiplying  your team of media traders by 10 and finding unparalleled ROAS for your advertisers.

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Reports: Zoom in and out.

DeepReach offers a great density of analysis and its reports:

  • per advertiser account
  • for each zone targeted by campaigns
  • by media on each zone
  • by adset and strategy

Whether it's measuring reach, clicks, or conversions, The DeepReach's analytics tools are designed to satisfy all levels of reading between advertisers, the agency, and local businesses.

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