Food stores

Food stores

Connect your shoppers with market reality to maximise their interest and drive them to store. Make the best investment, whether you’re a grocery or a food superstore network.

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Simply publish local store offer

Showcase local brand message

Depending on your location, your consumer or business needs would not be the same. Connect with the best solution to act local and customise your brand message regarding the market field :

  • Grow up your local offer at scale with individualised information by location : opening hours, store name and address, promotional offers, store conditions, etc.
  • Better showcase your in-store availability, using local inventory ads, to clear your stock (or save perishable goods), while maximising your conversion rate

target local campaigns

Unlock simple schemes for your network

To split and allocate a specific budget by location is time-consuming and not always safe for brand consistency. Between two processes, pick the one that best suits your network:

  • Keep headquarter at the heart of the strategy and set up multi-local campaigns on each store, in a few clicks. Customise budget, audiences and levers to turn global into local focus
  • Setup and share with stores an intuitive ads inventory through the platform to let each one of them enable campaigns following brands highlights

Reach new local customers

local campaigns setup

Leverage accurate catchment areas

Food consumption is one of the most subject to proximity purchasing. Arouse customer's interest in their local consumption which is a major concern in the food sector:

  • Geo-fence business areas to reach shoppers near your stores with radius and zip code targeting
  • Better drive intentional shoppers to store and reduce competing impact with availability and immediacy.

Nurture your customer on every level

To face a high competition level, you need to position your brand message on several times and levers, using appropriate channels for your audience:

  • Get the most powerful coverage by connecting with a complete digital suite to schedule and consolidate your omnichannel strategies
  • Generate fast digital media bids on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Snapchat, Waze & Maps, but also all websites, apps and audio inventories through Xandr and DV 360 display network

Boost your business, not your investments.

Mark the trend on food consumption

Our relationship with food is developing in new ways. Consumers require more transparency and consistency about their products, and they turn to local shopping to meet this demand:

digital media mix

Put a smart pressure on performance

Make the most profitable investment by taking advantage of automated and fast optimisations :

  • Make the most of each lever effectiveness and split pressure on performing medias. Smartly optimise the media mix to meet your local targets at multiple points
  • Automatically scale on actual in-store needs to shift budgets between stores, thanks to geo budgeting features
  • Optimise bids on a regular basis for each lever to get the most out of each one.

deepreach media spend

Measure each media spend

Easily track your performance by customising your report views with custom metrics by contributor:

  • Locate a national or by store investment with a daily updated report on DeepReach
  • Monitor franchise's performances with store-specific margins metrics
  • Improve the individual contribution of all your points of sale to overall revenues and increase brand’s turnover

Discover the solution, without commitment

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