Let your local dealerships enjoy your brand awareness to boost their business. Generate all your local ads in one go with performance-based adtech.

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Transform the way you drive new customers

local campaigns setup

Pick the right management model

Get the most out of each outlet while ensuring the best media investment. Decide on the best way to generate multi-local marketing:

  • Keep headquarter at the heart of the strategy by setting up multi-local campaigns on each store, in a few clicks. Customise budget, audiences, and levers to turn global into local focus
  • Setup and share with stores an intuitive local ads inventory through the platform to let each one of them enable advertising campaigns

Invest on global market trends

Our digital habits are evolving and moving in the direction of an even more connected and demanding internet user:

  • Automotive requests are up 27% in 2021 compared to 2019.
  • 1 out of 2 buyers favours social networks in their evaluation: social, Waze, YouTube
  • 4 to 5 online sources will be consulted before visiting dealerships.

Repeating your presence on those different touchpoints is positioning in user's mindset

Your Local Ads, powered by DeepReach

Track qualified leads

Benefit from a complete media suite to follow your customer across all touchpoints where they may encounter your brand:

  • Generate fast digital media bids on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Snapchat, or all website, app and audio inventory through Xandr and DV 360 programmatic display network
  • Overlap local competition and drive new customers to store with the leading solution on automotive digital levers (Waze, Maps, YouTube Ads)

digital medias mix

Turn on local performance

Thanks to deep Tech, bid on the right medias, at the right place, and to the right people ! Make the most profitable investment by taking advantage of automated and fast optimisations :

  • With media balancing, make the most of each lever effectiveness and put budget pressure on performing medias for your local targets
  • With geo budgeting, make clever invests on catchment areas and mix budgets from one to another, to focus on local needs
  • Optimise bids on a daily for each lever to make the most of each one

Put brand leadership on dealerships.

Devolve operational tasks

Provide your agency or dealers with a complete and fast-to-integrate system to manage all your local campaigns:

  • Make order & billing scheme easier than never, by carrying out through headquarter or points of sale (by direct debit or credit card)
  • Track franchise's performances or locate a national investment with a daily updated report on DeepReach, once campaign’s launched

Amplify local sales impact

Accurately cover your catchment areas to attract as many business opportunities as possible:

  • Geo-fence business areas to target your dealership's potential buyers and drive the most of them to store
  • Focus on one performance indicator (visibility, awareness, shop traffic) and maximise local bids to achieve it. Dramatically impact dealership visits and overall turnover

Discover the solution, without commitment

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