Agency managers

Agency managers

Seize the opportunity to shine in multi-local campaigns.

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Local ads as a growing revenue line.

High performing geo-targeting campaigns are complex to operate. With DeepReach, you can supply your in-house digital teams with a powerful platform to cover all strategies around local digital ads:

  • Awareness campaigns for specific areas.
  • Drive to store.
  • Drive to web.
  • Multi-local campaigns (when an advertiser has a network of local businesses).

It becomes possible not only to find more performance in your existing customer portfolio, but also sell larger, multi-local campaigns,thanks to deepreach.

Exclusive features for your advertisers

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Local Market scanning

Use Local Market Scanning to visualise your clients' network and identify the points of sale for which are need of a concentration of advertising:

  • Benefit from data guidance to take the temperature of your market at each point of sale and establish strategies based on it.
  • Compare the different points of sale of your clients with competing ones, to define strategic priorities and refine budgets by location.

DEEPREACH- agency managers

Geo-targeting made easy

Do you work with brands that have different needs depending on the region, city, or neighbourhood? Then you must know the difficulty of allocating efforts according to each zone and optimising these micro-campaigns over the entire duration.

Whether it is a network of points of sale, an e-commerce players, or local services, DeepReach is the technology providing the most accurate ad geo-targeting. In particular, DeepReach simplifies some complex tasks that your media traders will not have to manage:

  • Geofencing:define zones in order to precisely set up your targeting campaigns.
  • Geocoding:align all advertising platforms on via the same geographical coordinates
  • Overbidding: avoiding overlapping areas and reducing budget waste

Ad networks plugged from day 1

DeepReach is integrated with every ad network that counts for local campaigns: Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram, Snapchat, Waze & Maps, but also thousands of websites, apps and audio channels through Microsoft Xandr and Google DV360 programmatic display networks.

Being omnichannel is key to perform in local campaigns. DeepReach makes your teams omnichannel-ready and opens exciting times for your agency's business.

Increase the customers profitability at every location

Geo budgeting

Accord to the right budget on your best performing media channel in each local zone. Change and optimise budgets and thourought the campaign in order to maximize performance metrics.

Track campaign performance

Achieve your client's objectives by analysing campaign insights on a site-by-site basis. The reports are updated daily, allowing you to make strategic in-campaign modification.

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