DeepReach is secret platform for ad agencies, that helps them deliver outstanding results for local and multi-local campaigns. Learn here how local advertising can profoundly develop your visibility closer to your customers.

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Supercharge your network’s visibility

local ads setup

Spot the light where it’s needed

DeepReach's technology is perfectly designed for network advertisers, allowing them to spend precisely on each geographical area, to allocate budgets in context and broadcast their personalised ads on all digital media: SEA, social ads, programmatic, Waze, and maps.

Manage centrally, or give local autonomy

DeepReach platform can deploy advanced multi-local campaigns that will be centrally managed by the brand team and their agency.
But DeepReach goes further: you can define advertising packs that can be ordered directly by each store manager throughout the territory.
By simplifying access to campaign order taking, you decentralise communication as close as possible to local managers, while continuing to control brand assets and the overall performance insights.

local data insights

Actionable data

Data is a core element of DeepReach, and will help you better build your local campaigns:

  • Compare your points of sale with their competitors, to identify where budget is needed to gain visibility
  • Strengthen your performance mindset, by identifying where is your audience and on which levers
  • Analyse the specific trends on your sector (automotive, retail, real estate, etc) to realize contextual optimisations on your strategies

Empower your brand with the best adtech for local ads

local areas geofencing

Geo-fence sharp local areas

Operate with a powerful geobuilder to publish your ads only to the desired geographic areas, without having to set up these for each advertising media. Everything’s becoming simple:

  • Geo fence your business areas in order to target desired potentials customers.
  • Customise your local coverage, by excluding areas where your presence is optional or by adapting to a finer mesh, to avoid overbidding.

Provide a turnkey local ads platform

Simplify the life of your franchises and headquarter by providing ever more comprehensive support, without the need to juggle or add new ad scheduling tools:

  • Access a powerful tool for setting up local campaigns, on all digital media (Google Ads, Xandr, DV360, Facebook/Instagram, Waze, Snapchat), from your platform.
  • Set up a simple and flexible purchase method for campaigns (by direct debit or credit card) carried out by your headquarter or points of sale.

Control your advertising pressure

Embolden your strategy with report

Achieve your objectives by analysing campaign insights on a global or site-by-site basis. The data is updated daily, allowing you to make strategic in-campaign modification:

  • Use local data to make informed and hyper-localised optimisation decisions according to your client's objectives (notoriety, traffic, drive-to-store).
  • Download a consolidated campaign report to easily share the results with your stores or executive committees.

deepreach advertisers

Optimise media investments by store

Make the most of your media investments by taking advantage of a back office to monitor campaign activations and performance once launched:

  • geo-budgeting: reallocate budget to areas where over-pressurisation appears necessary.
  • media balancing: put the right budget pressure on the performing media for each local audience. Make the most of the effectiveness of each lever.

Create additional revenue

  • Maximise the local impact for each of your stores in their catchment area in order to drive new targets and generate new business.
  • Improve the individual contribution of all your points of sale to the overall revenue and increase brand turnover

Discover the solution, without commitment

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