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Yuma Paris is a branding agency that believes that a brand is the expression of its purpose and the guiding principle of its relationship with stakeholders. They emphasize the importance of placing the brand at the core of organizational processes to address complex challenges such as purpose, employer branding, corporate social responsibility, and transformation. Yuma views the brand as a living organism that should be sincere, social, sensitive, and flexible. They advocate for brand thinking, which considers the brand as a driver of transformation and a tool for strategic alignment. Yuma has worked with various clients, including Allaudit & Stratégie, Radio France, Geostock (Groupe Vinci), Square Management, ARAPL, OCP Africa, Visionix, Thermor, Solvay, Conseil Supérieur du Notariat, Xerfi, Carac, and Jungheinrich. Their expertise lies in brand development strategies, brand identity, storytelling, and communication. Yuma's team consists of experienced professionals with backgrounds in marketing, design, communication, and history. They also offer training and seminars on brand transformation, global marketing, storytelling, and visual identity. Yuma publishes a magazine called YUMAG, which explores brand-related topics.
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8, Rue Treilhard, Paris, Île-de-France 75008, FR
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