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WNP is a marketing and brand transformation agency that helps brands succeed in their necessary transformation. They offer various expertise including data-powered strategies, integrated communication, and creative content. WNP has been a pioneer in integrated marketing and communication since 2011, creating seamless brand experiences across critical touchpoints. They also specialize in social media and influence strategies, developing innovative social media strategies that utilize creative content to boost performance. WNP's marketing innovation solutions include data-powered consumer intelligence, brand experience, and marketing mix optimization. They also offer CRM and data planning services to develop relational strategies that increase purchase frequency and optimize customer satisfaction. WNP Studio is their unique production studio that optimizes content efficiency for different platforms and formats. Some of their notable clients include TAG Heuer, Meetic, Les 2 Vaches, La Poste, and Indigo Neo. Testimonials from clients highlight WNP's ability to translate brand DNA, increase brand awareness, and provide creative and innovative solutions. Overall, WNP is a trusted partner for brands looking to navigate the digital landscape and achieve their business goals.
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7 rue de Magdebourg, Paris, Île-de-France 75016, FR
WNP What's Next Partners
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WNP What's Next Partners

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