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Established in 2012, WhoWhyWhat is a reputable digital agency specializing in the fields of Branding and Activation. Their expertise lies in providing a variety of services such as Social Media, Brand Strategy, and Activation to cater to clients from different industries. The agency's offerings encompass essential aspects like editorial support, community management, and influence marketing for social media engagement. They also excel in developing Brand Strategy by creating brand platforms and ensuring consistent visual and editorial identity. Moreover, their Activation services encompass Shopper Marketing, Customer Experience, and Special Ops Marketing to optimize client campaigns. Renowned for their comprehensive range of services, WhoWhyWhat successfully caters to the diverse needs of their clients. In 2019 alone, they efficiently managed a substantial budget of 2.5 million euros through their proficient 20-person team. With a solid industry reputation and a strong track record, WhoWhyWhat stands as a trusted choice for businesses seeking professional digital agency support.
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10 boulevard des Batignolles, Paris, 75017, FR
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