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Turnadon offers digital advertising solutions with a focus on outdoor digital signage. Their digital displays are four times more visible than traditional posters and have a high rate of message retention. The screens are strategically located near bus stops, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, and terraces, providing longer exposure times. Launching a campaign is made easy with their user-friendly platform, allowing users to create impactful campaigns in just three clicks. Turnadon also provides support and guidance throughout the campaign process. Several customers have reported successful campaigns and achieved their donation goals. The company offers a free one-month trial to test their services. They claim to have increased website traffic, app downloads, in-store traffic, and brand awareness for their clients. Turnadon also caters to larger brands and media agencies, offering campaigns across multiple cities and thousands of screens.
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22 rue de Lorraine, Woustviller, 57915, FR
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