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TradeSpotting is a digital agency that aims to provide a new model of agency that combines strategic intelligence, creative capacity, and reliable execution. They offer a range of services including marketing consulting, data management, social media influence, and creation and training. With over 650 clients and more than 21,600 campaigns, TradeSpotting operates in over 110 countries. They have a team of over 40 employees who are dedicated to delivering results. The agency prides itself on its expertise and transversal approach to digital marketing. They have certifications in various fields, including DataFlex. TradeSpotting's team includes professionals such as Sebastien Bollet, the account manager, Christian Yoha, the assistant frontend developer, and Mathias-Rui Lopes, the director of innovation. They have worked with clients in the music, culture, sports, and general interest sectors, including Sony Music, Solidays, and Ubisoft. TradeSpotting has offices in France, La Réunion, and Spain.
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9, Rue du Quatre Septembre, Paris, Île-de-France 75002, FR
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