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Syneido is a French independent communication group created in 2019 by Frédéric Clipet and Guillaume Ruckebusch. The group is composed of seven agencies specialized in different fields of communication: advertising, social media, relational impact, luxury, health, real estate and technology. Syneido offers a global and tailor-made offer to its customers, thanks to the complementarity of the expertise of its different agencies. The group accompanies companies in their communications, their digital transformations and their RSE trajectories. The Syneido agencies are run by committed entrepreneurs who work in synergy with a common business platform. The group joined the top 5 of independent French agencies on the communication market in 2020. Here are some examples of Syneido's customers: L'Oréal LVMH Chanel Hermès Sanofi Pfizer Schneider Electric TotalEnergies Syneido is an innovative and efficient communication group that accompanies its clients in their digital transformation and sustainable development.
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7, Rue Vignon, Paris, 75008, FR
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