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Starcom is a global company that specializes in creating experiences that people love and that brands need. With over 7,000 employees and a strong global presence, they offer seamless coordination and consistency to clients around the world. They have expertise in media planning, media buying, search, social and mobile, e-commerce, CRM, and shopper marketing. One of their notable case studies is their work with Samsung and Jimmy Fallon. They provided Samsung's latest phone, the Galaxy S10+, to Jimmy Fallon, allowing him to film an entire episode of "The Tonight Show" on a phone. This demonstrated the capabilities of the phone and created a unique experience for viewers. Another case study involved Kellogg's and their Krispie Kitchen campaign. Starcom combined voice assistant technology with the power of social media influencers to create an interactive treat-making adventure. This campaign showcased the brand's products in an engaging and innovative way. Starcom also worked with WWF Australia on their Koala Museum est.2050 campaign. They created a groundswell of support to influence state politicians and prevent koalas from going extinct in New South Wales by 2050. This campaign utilized media planning, media buying, search, social and mobile, and local strategy and activation. Overall, Starcom's approach is centered around putting people at the forefront and designing human experiences that bridge the gap between what people want and what brands need. They have a strong track record of successful campaigns and continue to innovate in the field of media and marketing.
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