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Splashr is a leading player in the digital communication industry, established in 2019 by Franck, Mickael, and Jérémy. Focused on addressing the challenge faced by advertisers in generating video performance in their social media campaigns, Splashr offers comprehensive solutions. With 80% of web traffic now being video, Splashr recognized the need for tailored and engaging digital content, rather than repurposing TV ads or non-digital videos. Recognizing the critical role of creative content in advertising, Splashr ensures that 50% of campaign performance relies on effective creatives. This percentage rises to an impressive 80% on TikTok. Understanding the inseparable nature of media and creativity, Splashr expanded its capabilities by acquiring Blinked, a specialist in media buying. This strategic move has strengthened Splashr, which now boasts a team of 100 professionals, poised to revolutionize the digital communication market. With a complete value chain, Splashr offers a wide range of services to its clients, including communication strategy, media buying, content creation, influencer marketing, community management, and performance tracking. The company's expertise and comprehensive approach enable clients to achieve their digital communication goals effectively.
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