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Spark Insiders is a platform that offers advanced growth strategies and insights. They specialize in paid acquisition, particularly in Google Ads and Meta Ads. Spark provides services such as strategy development, benchmarking, and media activation to maximize return on investment. They have worked with over 300 clients in various industries, managing an annual media budget of 40 million euros. Spark's team of 45 consultants is passionate about digital challenges and aims to prioritize actions for quick results. They have a tested and improved methodology that has convinced over 300 brands in less than 4 years. Spark's technology for data collection and analysis allows for optimization of budget allocation. They also emphasize partnerships to align interests and prioritize client satisfaction. Spark has received positive testimonials from clients such as Wopilo and 360 Learning, who have experienced significant cost reductions and increased volumes. Overall, Spark is a trusted partner for businesses looking to accelerate their growth through digital acquisition strategies.
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40, Rue Louis Blanc, Paris, Île-de-France 75010, FR
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