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SO PRESS is a media company based in Paris, France. They offer a range of publications and services, including magazines, digital content, and brand production. Some of their notable publications include SO FOOT, a monthly magazine focusing on football, culture, and society; Society, a bi-weekly independent magazine; BIG BANG, an almanac exploring possibilities; L'étiquette Homme, a guide to men's elegance; and SO FILM, a magazine dedicated to cinema. They also have publications such as SO GOOD MAG, Tampon!, 40A, Pédale!, Trashtalk, TSUGI, and Doolittle, each covering different topics and interests. SO PRESS also operates various production companies, including AllSo, SOVAGE, H3 Media, Derby Digital, So Lonely, Vietnam, and AllSOUND, offering services such as brand content production, sound design, and decor. They also have a limited edition online store called Overall, SO PRESS provides a diverse range of media and production services to cater to different interests and audiences.
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3, Rue Maillard, Paris, Île-de-France 75011, FR
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