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Simplébo, founded in 2012 by Alexandre Bonetti, Jérémy, and Romain, has become the top-rated web agency in France over the past 10 years. Their mission is to unleash the potential of entrepreneurs by taking charge of their digital communication. Simplébo offers a range of high-quality and simplified online visibility services, including website development, SEO, and online reputation management. Their commitment lies in providing entrepreneurs with an unbeatable service at an affordable price. By leveraging automation, Simplébo ensures an excellent price-to-quality ratio, promising to automate everything possible to achieve efficiency. They also focus on making the services they offer incredibly user-friendly. Simplébo aims to have a significant impact by digitalizing entrepreneurs on a large scale. The company values transparency and trust, promising clients an honest relationship, transparent subscriptions, and responsive human customer service. Simplébo has garnered positive reviews on Google and Trustpilot, with a growing customer base since its second year. From their early days as engineering students, Alexandre, Jérémy, and Romain shared a strong friendship driven by their passion for entrepreneurship and the power of automation. Observing the challenge of local online visibility faced by small businesses and professionals, they founded Simplébo in 2016. The company is built upon four pillars: powerful technology for automation and simplification, exceptional customer experience with friendly and personalized support, a transparent and value-for-money offering, and a volume-based strategy to serve a wide range of clients. With over 80 employees and more than 8,000 clients, Simplébo aspires to become Europe's leading web agency. Simplébo envisions a future where they go beyond websites, providing a comprehensive 360° communication service to help businesses develop their activities effortlessly. The company promotes a human-centered work environment, embracing diversity and focusing on individual personalities rather than just diplomas.
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