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Shortlinks is a Brand Narrative Design agency that aims to bring a human dimension to brands through storytelling. They specialize in brand content 360 and brand identities. Shortlinks is an active member of B-Corp certified companies, demonstrating their commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Their philosophy is to re-humanize brands by revealing their stories and creating connections with their audience to rebuild trust. Shortlinks works with brands that want to make a lasting impact and adapt to the changing world. They have a team of 25 agile and hybrid individuals who have been working together for 15 years within the Team Créatif Group. Shortlinks follows a three-step method: listening, storytelling, and deploying. They listen to the brand's current narrative, analyze its socio-cultural elements and its relationship with consumers and society. Then, they craft a narrative structure, tone of voice, and manifesto to help the brand better communicate across all touchpoints. Finally, Shortlinks deploys the brand content on various platforms, including social media, activations, packaging, and advertising.
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83, rue de Monceau, Paris, 75008, FR
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