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Shivuko is a marketing agency that specializes in digital campaigns. They offer various services, including tailored digital marketing campaigns, purchasing ready-made leads (available only for certain themes), segmented TV campaigns, and customer support via phone. Their digital marketing campaigns cover platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Native Ads, and Emailing, ensuring effective targeting of the desired audience. Each platform offers different advantages in terms of targeting, cost, and ad format, allowing clients to maximize their advertising return on investment. Shivuko also provides the option to purchase qualified leads online, expediting the lead generation process for businesses. These qualified leads have expressed interest in products or services through their own campaigns and can be obtained based on demand. However, this service is limited to specific themes. Furthermore, Shivuko offers segmented TV advertising on popular French television channels. This technique enables businesses to deliver targeted advertisements to specific audiences, optimizing the effectiveness of their campaigns. Founded by Stéphane Gallos, Shivuko has been operating since 2017. The agency focuses on planning, executing, and optimizing digital marketing campaigns for businesses of all sizes.
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30/32 Boulevard Sébastopol 75004 , Paris, 75004, FR
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