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Redpill is a digital and data-driven company that helps businesses maximize their growth through the use of digital technology, data, and artificial intelligence (AI). They offer a range of services, including ideation of new business models, transformation of marketing and communication strategies, and the launch of start-ups. Redpill believes in the integration of talent and platforms, using talent to accompany, analyze, understand, imagine, and build, and platforms to predict, create, execute, automate, and measure. They have a new generation organization that is more efficient and effective, with expert teams that are close to their clients. Redpill offers various platforms, such as a retail media platform, a marketing platform, a livestreaming platform, and a platform for selling on Amazon. They value innovation, execution, the truth of data, hybrid intelligence, and have no intention of becoming reasonable. Redpill has several certifications, including REDPILL GROUP, REDPILL MEDIA, REDPILL STARTUP STUDIO, REDPILL LIVE, ermes, TEMELIORA, and RAMSES.
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123 avenue de Villiers, 75017 Paris France
Red Pill
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