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Qalèv is a branding consultancy firm that offers expertise in brand creation, brand naming, and 360-degree communication. It was founded in 2017 by Arnaud Dembo, who has 15 years of experience in creating and developing brands for various companies. Qalèv serves as a conductor for brand expression, providing expertise, operational skills, and creativity. The services provided by Qalèv include brand naming, brand strategy, positioning, logo design, storytelling, sonic branding, communication platform development, ideation, content creation (text, photo, film, illustration, music), social network management, and channel-specific support. Branding is emphasized as a crucial exercise for companies to create a unique and memorable identity that differentiates and positions their offerings in the market. It involves developing a strong and consistent brand image encompassing positioning, storytelling, name, logo, colors, communication, and customer experience. Qalèv helps companies achieve these goals by aligning brand strategy with business objectives. The founding team of Qalèv includes Arnaud Dembo, who specializes in branding, innovation, and communication, Sophie Troff, a creative consultant and brand namer, Eric Allouche, an image and sound consultant, Mathieu Boileau, a conference speaker specializing in communication and creativity, Arno Santamaria, a music consultant and composer, and Alexandra Recchia, a conference speaker and high-level athlete. Qalèv boasts a network of 100+ expert partners in branding, communication, marketing, conferences, web development, advertising, design, printing, promotional items, SEO, CRM, and community management. Qalèv has offices in Paris and Le Perreux/Marne, and they invite clients to embark on a journey with them to develop and refine their brands.
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