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Publicis Groupe, a global advertising and communications company, offers a unique "Connecting company" model that provides clients with plug-and-play access to their leading services. Through a Global Client Leader, clients have unlimited and direct access to the combination of creativity and technology. The company is divided into four Solution hubs: Publicis Communications, Publicis Media, Publicis Sapient, and Publicis Health, which promote connectivity and seamless integration of services. Despite the organization, all brands continue to exist and benefit from the collective power and expertise of the Solution hubs, enabling them to compete on a large scale and attract new clients in a data-driven world. In July 2019, Epsilon, a data and technology platform, and its division Conversant joined the Group, further accelerating the implementation of the Power of One. As a "Connecting company," Publicis Groupe operates under The Power of One approach, driven by a common goal, open-mindedness, distinctive personalities, and a constant focus on serving clients. The company was founded on an undisclosed date and is led by founding members whose names are not provided.
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Publicis Media Group
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Publicis Media Group

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