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OTO Technology is a 360° IT and digital agency that combines technology and creativity. They offer a range of services including outsourced IT, security audits, website development, web marketing strategies, and branding. Their expertise covers various sectors and they provide solutions for all types of businesses. OTO Technology emphasizes the importance of human involvement in their projects, aiming to bring a unique approach to each challenge. They focus on visibility and performance in the digital space, offering targeted expertise to increase visibility, audience, notoriety, and business growth. Additionally, they provide IT management and security services, ensuring the performance and security of information systems through surveillance, maintenance, and support. OTO Technology values knowledge sharing and continuous learning, providing internal and external training programs to enhance their teams' skills and stay up-to-date with new technologies and certifications. They have a strong commitment to customer service and aim to provide tailored solutions to meet their clients' needs. OTO Technology is set to launch new websites dedicated to IT and cybersecurity, as well as digital and web marketing services in July 2023.
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20, Rue de Saint-Petersbourg, Paris, 75008, FR
OTO Technology
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