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NRJ Global Régions is the local advertising agency of the NRJ Group. They provide a comprehensive advertising solution that spans across multiple cities, offering services in radio, digital, events, and creation and production. In the radio category, they offer advertising opportunities on NRJ, Hit Music Only!, Nostalgie, Les Plus Grands Tubes!, and Chérie FM, La Plus Belle Musique! In the digital realm, they provide advertising solutions such as Google Ads Search, Facebook and Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, YouTube video ads, and geolocated display ads. Their event services include data analysis, event management, street marketing, point-of-sale animations, promotional campaigns, and radio operations. For creation and production, they offer services through their studio called Boite à Mix, specializing in radio spots, infographics, and pre-roll videos. NRJ Global Régions aims to generate visibility and traffic to boost local businesses through their cross-media proximity solutions.
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134 avenue du 25ème RTS, Lyon, Rhône-Alpes 69009, FR
NRJ global region
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NRJ global region

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