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Novlini is a digital strategy consulting firm that helps businesses, from startups to large corporations, with their digital strategies. They have a team of growth hackers, marketers, developers, and designers, as well as an innovative algorithm that can rate and analyze content. They use data from various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, Bing, Ecosia, Pinterest, and Google to assist with media buying, market testing, customer acquisition, cold mailing, web design and development, content production, and e-commerce optimization. Novlini focuses on creating personalized strategies for each client and emphasizes the importance of understanding the target audience and adapting content accordingly. They offer services such as data-driven acquisition, trend analysis through machine learning, B2C-B2B-B2B2C strategies, and a dedicated client portal with real-time statistics and tracking. Novlini also utilizes tools like Twist, Google Agenda, and Google Drive for efficient communication and collaboration. They have an international presence with certified translators and target clients in 82 countries. Overall, Novlini aims to help businesses reach the right audience with the right content on the right platforms.
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