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Neodia is a web marketing agency that specializes in pioneering operations. The agency offers a wide range of services including traffic development (SEO, Adwords, Facebook Ads, RTB, CPC, CPL), customer development, site recovery, mobile app promotion, partnership campaigns, international development, coaching, de-blacklisting, reputation management, conversion rate improvement, and advanced performance measurement systems. Neodia also provides strategic consulting services to assist marketing departments and market research companies in utilizing internet data more professionally. The agency was founded by a senior consultant in web marketing, mobile marketing, and digital marketing, who has founded companies specializing in various areas. Neodia aims to simplify the daily activities of digital directors, marketing directors, digital managers, and sales directors by providing guidance on increasing sales performance in any market. The agency has an extensive network of international partners and has opened an office in Beijing to support companies in the challenging Chinese internet market. With its experience, network, and entrepreneurial approach, Neodia offers valuable services to clients.
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4 Rue Louis Armand, Tourcoing, 59200, FR
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