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MUTT is a content creation agency that offers expertise and time to design and produce customized content aligned with marketing objectives. They understand the marketing challenges and create tailored content that is relevant to the target audience. MUTT associates the most suitable talents and integrates them into a smooth production process. They also localize and adapt brand content to various platforms and territories. The agency is described as vibrant, agile, and playful. They have worked on projects for Shiver, a campaign aimed at creating a strong emotional response, LEGO, focusing on the speed of content creation, and Powerz, emphasizing the creative aspect. Unfortunately, no certifications or specific information about the agency's clients or previous work are mentioned in the given content. Overall, MUTT aims to simplify and align the content creation process with marketing objectives.
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4, Rue Choron, Paris, Île-de-France 75009, FR
MUTT Agency
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