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Malherbe is a design and architecture firm that specializes in creating structured brand strategies, retail design solutions, high-end decoration, social selling, content, and activation. They focus on shaping the future of retail by designing innovative in-store experiences and creating relevant transactional ecosystems for their clients. Their expertise includes physical luxury boutiques, brand stores, master projects, digital solutions, e-commerce, innovation, social media, brand and communication, and product design. They work with various industries such as furniture, fashion, distribution, hospitality, food and beverage, cosmetics, real estate, wine and spirits, watches and jewelry, travel, workspace, tech, mall, and residential. Malherbe supports major international brands and their collaborations with clients typically last 3 to 5 years. They have offices in Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and New York. The firm offers a range of services and aims to achieve business growth for their clients through creative and sustainable design principles.
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64, rue de Rome, Paris, 75008, FR
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