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Lynx Partners is a marketing consultancy firm that specializes in accelerating and innovating in a constantly changing marketing environment. They offer expertise in various areas such as Retail & eCommerce, Web3, and Performance Marketing. Lynx Partners focuses on placing the consumer at the center of their clients' actions and helping them create profitable and sustainable relationships with their customers. They offer services in Innovation Usages & Services, Strategy and Operations Web3, Media & Acquisition, Experience & Customer Relationship, Digital Ecosystem, Commercial Efficiency, and Customer Knowledge & Data. The company emphasizes the importance of teamwork and collaboration, both with their clients and their network of experts. They aim to create the conditions for immediate and sustainable growth by driving positive ideas, actions, and results. Lynx Partners is committed to detecting and implementing innovative solutions that make a difference in their clients' digital acceleration.
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6, Rue de Téhéran, Paris, Île-de-France 75008, FR
Lynx partners
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Lynx partners

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