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Labelium is a digital performance agency that aims to deliver measurable positive impact to its clients. They help their clients accelerate their e-commerce strategy, achieve omni-channel growth, and drive innovation and competitiveness. Labelium is committed to living by their core values of integrity, empathy, and progress, and they prioritize building trust with their clients. Labelium offers a range of solutions and services, including end-to-end digital services, search marketing, precision marketing, audience marketing, e-retail management, and omnichannel advertising. They also provide various analytics and tracking services, as well as SEO and programmatic buying. The agency follows a methodology of designing digital programs tailored to their clients' needs and aligned with their business goals. They have a strong international network of skilled employees and have managed over $2 billion in digital media. Some of Labelium's clients in North America include Montréal, Toronto, and Chicago. They have contact information available for various locations worldwide. Overall, Labelium is a reputable agency that offers comprehensive digital performance solutions to help businesses achieve their goals.
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3, Rue d'uzès, Paris, 75002, FR
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