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Kamp'n is a digital marketing agency specializing in SEA (Search Engine Advertising), Social Ads, and Display advertising. With over 10 years of experience, they offer a combination of human expertise and their powerful SaaS solution, Kamp'n, to take campaigns to the next level. They have a budget of 52 million euros invested in media each year and have seen an average increase of 35% in the ROI of their clients' campaigns. They generate 250,000 ads annually on Facebook. Kamp'n is a growth partner for brands and networks, and their team of experts is trained by Google and Meta. They hold certifications as Google Partner and Meta Business Partner, allowing them to accelerate business growth through their mastery of advertising innovations and opportunities. Kamp'n also offers innovative technology solutions certified for the management of SEA, Social Ads, and Display projects. They have a dedicated traffic manager who works with clients to develop effective digital strategies to achieve their business goals. Kamp'n's services include working on brand image, generating online and in-store traffic, generating qualified leads, and developing communities. They offer personalized audits and are committed to providing excellent service to their clients.
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62 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Paris, 75001, FR
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