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Heaven is a digital agency founded 20 years ago in Paris, France. With a team of 80+ members, they offer various services in the digital advertising and marketing domain. Their services include social media and brand content, where they help brands define their social media presence and develop effective conversation strategies. They have worked with notable companies such as Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, Danone, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Disney. Heaven is also known for their influence marketing expertise, being one of the main opinion leaders in the field. They offer local and global programs in sectors like technology, entertainment, beauty, and food. In 2020, they introduced innovative offers such as "Branded Conversations," "Social Shopping," and "Influence Pilot." As a digital-born agency, they compete against traditional advertising agencies by focusing on digital culture. They understand the evolving consumer behavior and strive to keep the next generation positively engaged with brands. They offer advertising and activation services, building digital presences, VR/AR experiences, and collaborating with clients to develop new services. Media buying capabilities have been a core aspect of heaven's operations since its inception. They have a dedicated team of experts who work with demanding companies in the insurance, beauty, and retail sectors to tackle challenging media tasks. In addition to their services, they provide consulting expertise, combining consulting methodologies and social data analysis. They assist clients in achieving their digital projects, including digital communication strategies and the transformation of digital ecosystems. They also host conferences like "#BornSocial" and "Web3 Culture" that explore industry-related topics.
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25, Rue Notre-Dame-des-Victoires, Paris, Île-de-France 75002, FR
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