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Halloween is an independent, global, and agile agency offering various services in communication and campaign success, with a phygital touch. Their expertise includes event management, social media, brand content, influence, and staffing. They have been in operation since their founding year, which is not specified on the page. In the field of event management, they specialize in creating temporary spaces, pop-up stores, tours, seminars, trade shows, festival activations, and PR events. They emphasize the importance of event management, which they have been proving for 27 years. They also have a strong focus on social media, with 10 years of experience in social media strategy, brand content production, influencer marketing, and community management. Furthermore, they provide staffing services to ensure high-quality staff for successful events. This includes handling reception, animation, bar services, performances, technical aspects, and coordination.
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24 rue Pierre Semard, Paris, 75009, FR
Halloween Agency
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