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Haiku is a next-generation media agency based in Paris and Lyon. The agency is focused on accelerating business growth for its clients through effective marketing and communication strategies. They offer a simple and efficient solution for media investment management, turning marketing budgets into profitability drivers. Haiku aims to simplify media management and guide clients towards mastering their business and media challenges. They provide tailored solutions for various needs, whether it's a one-time or long-term support, with or without media purchasing, and across digital and traditional media channels. Haiku specializes in consumer insights, drive-to-store strategies, site-centric analysis, television, search, SEO, display advertising, e-commerce, and more. The agency follows a scientific approach to media, with realistic strategies and a focus on return on investment (ROI). Haiku values transparency, agility, and profitability, offering centralized tools, customized workshops, continuous training, dedicated consultants, and performance-based remuneration. Their partnership model emphasizes flexibility and control, with limited administrative burden, strong involvement from experienced professionals, and a unique fee structure. Haiku has gained the trust of various clients and offers contact information for further inquiries.
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Haiku Media
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