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GroupM is a global advertising group, comprising the renowned agencies Mindshare, Wavemaker, EssenceMediacom, and mSix&Partners, which represent the forefront of media strategy and innovation. With a combined annual media spend exceeding $60 billion, they offer unrivaled access and scalability to clients worldwide, as recognized by COMvergence. Partnering with industry leaders like Google, Meta, and Amazon, these agencies specialize in intelligent and imaginative services that integrate cutting-edge technology. The key services provided by these agencies encompass Client Services, Activation Services, Media Investment, Data Science, and Technology Development. By delivering premium client service, they ensure consistent quality and outcomes. Their activation services leverage technology to enhance intelligence, while modern investment strategies support clients in achieving their business goals. Moreover, their data-driven approach and ID-based solutions provide a strategic advantage, while unified technology and advanced analytics shape the future of media. Under the leadership of prominent individuals like Christian Juhl (CEO), Marie-Claire Barker (Chief People Officer), and Damian Blackden (Chief Strategy Officer), these teams have the privilege of working with globally respected and purpose-driven brands. Notably, they have earned prestigious accolades such as Mindshare being ranked #1 Media Network by WARC, Wavemaker named Media Agency of the Year by MediaPost, and MediaCom recognized as Global Media Agency of the Year by Adweek.
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GroupM - Mindshare BE
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GroupM - Mindshare BE

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