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Groupe Tec is a company that offers bartering services for companies, allowing them to exchange their products or services for advertising space. They work with over 80 international clients and their agencies to create value through the media buying process. By using barter media, companies can revalue their stocks, avoid depreciation, increase productivity, and reduce marketing expenses. TEC offers four different models to adapt to each company's needs: Barter, Full Exchange, Media Optimization, and Gift Vouchers. They ensure transparency in the redistribution of products according to the company's wishes. TEC has received positive testimonials from various clients, highlighting the reliability, flexibility, and transparency of their services. They have successfully helped companies increase their visibility and revenue through innovative media campaigns. TEC has partnerships with a wide range of media outlets, both offline and online, allowing their clients to finance European media campaigns using their French stocks. Overall, TEC provides a valuable solution for companies looking to optimize their marketing strategies and maximize the value of their assets.
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Groupe tec
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