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GLOBE GROUPE is the leading European group dedicated to Shopper Marketing and Sales. Founded in [insert date], their mission is to support brands' commercial transformation and boost sales by addressing the new needs of the New Retail: phygital, shopper-centric, experiential. As a true #ShopperHouse, their strength lies in their ability to activate all shopper touchpoints according to the brand's objectives and DNA. Their subsidiaries provide expertise in brand activations, shopper marketing in-store and out-store, merchandising, B2B and B2C sales force, online and phygital activations. With over 300 employees in France, Switzerland, and Germany, GLOBE GROUPE brings together complementary shopper expertise in its five subsidiaries. GLOBE GROUPE reconciles Marketing and Sales to support leading brands in the unified commerce transition. They internalize 100% of the necessary resources to meet clients' needs in real-time, ensuring quality and efficiency. The group leverages their experts' talents and insights from various sectors to create effective campaigns and commercial strategies. They focus on measuring the performance and relevance of their solutions, defining indicators to evaluate effectiveness. GLOBE GROUPE is committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and has received the EcoVadis Gold Medal, recognizing their efforts in managing environmental, social, ethical, and responsible procurement aspects.
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38, Rue Boissière, Paris, Île-de-France 75116, FR
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