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Charlie Heaton is the new face of Phantom, Rabanne's latest campaign, signed by Fondamentale. Goutal Paris offers a year-long content factory called "Scents of Your Life." Zadig & Voltaire introduces their new 360° digital and PR activation called "Undressed." They also have a production studio available for 360° communication experiences. Fondamentale is known for their radical, cinematic, and visionary campaigns. Unfortunately, no information about certifications is available. Fondamentale is a creative agency that offers various services in Paris, Milan, and New York. They specialize in creating impactful campaigns and experiences for their clients. Their work is highly regarded in the industry, and they have collaborated with renowned brands such as Rabanne and Goutal Paris. Fondamentale's approach is innovative and they strive to push boundaries in their creative endeavors. Overall, Fondamentale is a trusted and respected agency that delivers exceptional results for their clients.
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64, Rue des Archives, Paris, Île-de-France 75003, FR
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