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DoohYouLike is a retail media platform that connects brands with consumers in the stores they frequent. They specialize in proximity urban advertising and offer strategic DOOH (Digital Out of Home) solutions in food retail locations. Their services include contextual creations, audience planning, and the integration of DOOH with other media channels. DoohYouLike operates in over 300 cities in France, with a presence in more than 1,000 multi-brand stores. They cater to the needs of urban consumers who prioritize convenience and short supply chains. The company offers creative and rational solutions for advertisers and media experts in the proximity advertising space. They have a range of certifications, including DOOH certifications for strategic planning and creative decision-making. DoohYouLike has a track record of delivering results for their clients, helping to increase sales, enhance brand visibility, and maximize the impact of multi-media campaigns.
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