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Doers is a French agency specializing in digital transformation and innovation. They offer services in areas such as mobile application development, website design, and brand image innovation. Some of their notable clients include Fitness Park, Chanel, and The Kooples. For Fitness Park, Doers created a mobile application that provides content and practical services. They also developed an interactive player for Chanel's perfume range, allowing users to connect to social channels and purchase products while watching a film. The challenge for The Kooples was to redefine the concept of "connection" in the era of smartphones. Doers emphasizes a user-centric approach, conducting research and ongoing work in user experience (UX). They also test campaigns and activations in real-time with representative target panels. Doers combines the expertise of agency and startup profiles to create digital solutions that meet the demands of increasingly connected users. They capture a significant amount of data and key performance indicators (KPIs) to demonstrate their impact on clients' businesses. Doers includes a performance manager in their strategic and creative teams to ensure effective solutions. Their goal is to provide tools and campaigns that optimize budget and deliver optimal performance.
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Doers Agency
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