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datashake is a digital marketing agency that offers a range of services to help businesses with their digital transformation. Founded by Rémy and Anthony, former employees of Google, the agency aims to address the challenges faced by advertisers in an increasingly complex digital landscape. They provide personalized consulting services, including complete account setup, audience strategies, advanced audits, data analysis, user experience advice, tracking, and conversion rate optimization. Additionally, datashake offers customized training programs to enhance clients' skills and autonomy in areas such as media platforms, management methods, and digital tools. The agency prides itself on its expertise in digital channels, innovative methodologies, and tailored support for advertisers. They have a team of over 40 professionals and have worked with more than 200 advertisers, managing a media budget of over 100 million euros. datashake is certified by leading digital platforms, granting them access to valuable industry insights and resources. Their focus is on helping businesses leverage their data and achieve digital transformation while emphasizing growth and creative strategies. They offer a personalized, free audit to evaluate clients' advertising campaigns and provide optimization recommendations. The agency's values reflect their commitment to supporting businesses in scaling, launching new products, expanding internationally, generating leads, or outsourcing qualified traffic acquisition.
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6, Rue Abel Truchet, Paris, 75017, FR
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