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Conversant has established itself as a leading force in revolutionizing brand-consumer interactions for almost two decades. Their unrivaled expertise and advanced tools empower digital platforms to deliver exceptionally relevant experiences, all while upholding the most stringent privacy protocols. By partnering with Conversant, clients unlock the potential for remarkable growth and achieve unparalleled engagement with their target audience. Conversant's robust support extends to a vast network of 4,300 clients, encompassing more than 400 renowned publicly listed brands and 65 advertisers featured in the esteemed Top 100 Internet Retailer ranking. Leveraging their platform, an impressive 120 million purchases are facilitated each day, leading to an extraordinary average incremental return on investment that is tenfold higher. Furthermore, Conversant propels an astonishing 170 million conversations daily, fostering dynamic and meaningful connections between brands and consumers.
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30 Rue du Chemin Vert, Paris, 75011, FR
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