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Cithéa is a communication agency that has been providing expert and committed services since its establishment in 1999. They specialize in offering comprehensive communication solutions and brand strategies to organizations, businesses, and local authorities. With a focus on anticipating trends and co-creating with clients, Cithéa aims to bring citizens closer to institutions, while promoting shared values with partners and emphasizing sustainable development. The agency's team consistently delivers a high level of support and maintains a standard of excellence for all clients. Cithéa also stands out for its unifying vision of communication, supporting organizational transformations. The agency's founder, Thierry Jouannet, emphasizes the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Cithéa's operations. Shared with partners, clients, suppliers, and employees, their CSR approach contributes to improving communication return on investment and creating long-term value. This commitment is reflected in Cithéa's CSR charter, which outlines their key commitments and priority actions. Cithéa's expertise encompasses a range of services, including brand strategy, digital strategy, influence marketing, communication planning, brand territory, content creation, copywriting, brand positioning, video production, website development, social media management, search engine optimization/search engine advertising (SEO/SEA), event organization, logo design, visual identity, brand image, advertising campaigns, and communication materials. They also provide services in partnership research, advertising space procurement, strategic media planning, offline/online media selection, performance analysis, media planning development, and negotiation and booking of advertising spaces.
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178, Quai Louis Blériot, Paris, Île-de-France 75016, FR
Cithea Communication
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