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Calliweb is a digital strategy and e-commerce agency that has been contributing to the digital transformation of businesses for 20 years. They offer expertise in B2B and B2C e-commerce, marketplace development, supplier portals, and product information management (PIM). Their solutions are designed to provide agility and create value to enhance their clients' competitive position in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Calliweb has worked on various successful projects, including the redesign of the BHV Marais website, a renowned multi-specialty store in Paris, to launch their online sales. They also developed a high-end cruise e-commerce platform for Rivages du Monde, focusing on inspiring visuals and an efficient user experience. Naturalforme, an online store for organic and natural products, benefited from Calliweb's expertise in optimizing user experience and developing new functionalities. Sabena technics, an aeronautics company, entrusted Calliweb with the creation of a B2B client portal to facilitate their business relationships.
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