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Brains Agency is a communication consulting agency specializing in higher education. Established in 1994 by the Idecom Group, a communication specialist in higher education, Brains Agency has developed expertise in education, training, and employer branding. The agency positions itself as a versatile, flexible, and agile communication advisory agency, believing that success and adaptation lie in understanding the needs of clients and offering tailored solutions. The agency offers a range of services, including communication strategy, media planning, digital marketing, and creative production. In terms of communication strategy, Brains Agency conducts audits, defines communication strategies, and provides operational implementation and personalized support. In media planning, the agency helps clients define their media strategies, handles media buying and negotiation, and monitors campaign performance. In digital marketing, Brains Agency assists with defining key performance indicators, implementing strategies for search engine optimization, social media management, brand performance, programmatic advertising, and e-influence. The agency also offers creative production services, including graphic design, audiovisual production, and website creation or revamping.
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