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Bimedia ADgency is a marketing agency specializing in in-store marketing for retail brands. They offer personalized solutions to increase brand awareness, analyze business performance, and accelerate sales. As a part of the Bimedia group, Bimedia ADgency is the ideal partner for optimizing marketing actions and return on investment (ROI) for products and services distributed within their network. Their services include Régie, which provides a national network of over 7,500 screens in more than 6,000 proximity stores to enhance brand presence. They also offer Business Intelligence, which involves collecting, consolidating, and exploring data to refine sales strategies and discover new development opportunities. Additionally, their In-store Marketing strategies aim to raise awareness, engage customers, and drive traffic to boost product and service sales. Bimedia ADgency utilizes over 800 million tickets per year to generate Big Data and improve business analysis. They offer customized solutions tailored to clients' needs, whether on a global or localized scale throughout France.
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13, rue Henri Barbusse, Gennevilliers, 92624, FR
Bimedia TV
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Bimedia TV

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