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BCB AGENCE is a healthcare communication agency that specializes in customized campaigns. They aim to make a difference in the healthcare and care sectors by developing communication campaigns that push boundaries. Their services range from editorial content to production, with a focus on excellence and a combination of humility and determination. They offer services in digital and print communication, medical content, strategy, event organization, film production, medical expertise, storytelling, and consulting. Their consulting services include corporate social responsibility strategy, brand strategy, and the creation of innovative healthcare pathways. They also provide medical communication, both internally and externally, as well as marketing services for healthcare professionals and patients. Some of their recent projects include "Les Gestes Qui Sauvent," websites and e-visits for Roche Laboratories, SFSPO, Spot-Pharma, Worldwide Environmental Day for Sanofi, Blake: Cartel 2.0, and the Antalgia Forum for Sanofi.
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63 Rue de Tolbiac, 75011 Paris
B Com Brun
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