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Air Paris is a multicultural collective of strategists, creatives, business developers, and content curators. Founded in the past, the agency offers brand development services, specializing in creating, building, developing, and repositioning brands. With offices in Paris, New York, and Shanghai, Air Paris has expertise in markets and cultures across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. The agency acts as a strategic consultant, business developer, and creative director, providing services such as brand strategy, brand creation and development, new product concepts, advertising, brand experience, and package design. Air Paris partners with brands of all sizes and works across industries including beauty, fragrances, fashion, accessories, jewelry, fine foods, premium spirits, hospitality, and design. The services and processes offered by Air Paris include brand creation and development, brand architecture, branding, communication and creation, packaging, digital and social media, brand experience, and marketing and distribution strategies.
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352 Rue Saint-Honoré, Paris, 75001, FR
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