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Drive is a marketing agency that aims to connect inspiring brands with new consumers. They believe that brands have a crucial role to play in contributing positively to cultural, social, and environmental issues. They also emphasize the importance of adaptability in the rapidly evolving tech/media/marketing landscape. Drive offers various services, including special operations, campaigns, and consultancy. Their special operations involve creating activations that address specific societal issues and resonate with the DNA and brand purpose of partnering brands. These activations help increase brand awareness, attribution, and business. In terms of campaigns, Drive creates digital-first, authentic, and innovative brand experiences that generate emotions, conversations, and sales. They specialize in social media activations that connect brands with new consumers, using their language and preferred platforms. Drive also provides consultancy services to help decision-makers rethink their marketing strategies and implement new approaches in terms of creativity, media strategy, and external partnerships. They offer expert support tailored to each client's needs, including audits, regular consultations, and part-time CMO services. Some of Drive's notable clients include Léon, Moët-Hennessy, Teract, Roole, Candia, Keep Cool, and Stannah. These clients have praised Drive for their effective teams, flexibility, creativity, and expertise in digital marketing. Drive is currently planning a special operation to raise awareness about the situation of more than one in five French people who support a loved one. The operation aims to highlight these unsung heroes, raise funds for a leading association, and showcase innovative initiatives.
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