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ACS is a renowned agency specializing in healthcare consulting and communication. They are particularly recognized among healthcare companies and associations for their expertise in improving the quality of life for patients through advocating for major public health projects. ACS provides strategic advice, marketing, and communication support to healthcare companies and associations, leveraging a strong network of healthcare professionals and recognized experts. They have also developed expertise in public affairs through their collaboration with the SPS association (Healthcare Professionals Support), working with private and public institutional actors to address the healthcare needs of those who care for us. ACS offers a range of services including strategic recommendations, professional and scientific training, graphic design and communication materials, organization of scientific events, communication for pharmacies, media and institutional relations. They can be contacted via email at and their office is located at 31, avenue de Versailles in Paris. Some of ACS's notable achievements include creating a new website for Continuum Plus, supporting a colorectal cancer prevention campaign, and developing the "Allergy Brochures" campaign for Stallergenes Geernos laboratory. They have also worked on projects such as creating a new visual identity for SFCE, designing a new graphic charter and communication tools, organizing online resource workshops, and promoting a geolocated campaign for the SPS association. ACS has also been involved in introducing a new medical device for children by Coopervision and creating customized games for sales force training.
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31, avenue de Versailles 75016 Paris
Agence Conseil Santé
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Agence Conseil Santé

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