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AdQuality is a digital agency founded in 2013 by Cem Senoz, a former retail specialist at Google. The agency stands out for its high-impact actions in favor of ambitious companies. Their team of experienced professionals specializes in audience monetization and traffic acquisition. They offer a range of services, including optimizing search engine rankings, maximizing return on investment, and enhancing digital performance. AdQuality's experts develop tailored digital strategies to align with clients' objectives, utilizing various marketing levers such as SEO, SEA, SMA, Marketplace, and Programmatic. They conduct a comprehensive analysis of clients' needs, diagnose visibility issues, and provide customized solutions. With their expertise in digital growth, AdQuality improves client traffic through winning strategies. The agency has extensive experience across multiple sectors, including tourism, fashion, banking, insurance, and cosmetics. They prioritize excellence, transparency, and commitment in their services, constantly striving to deliver the best solutions to clients. AdQuality's founder, Cem Senoz, has instilled a culture of innovation, education, and customer satisfaction within the company. The agency's certified consultants maintain personalized relationships with clients to ensure optimal results. Overall, AdQuality offers comprehensive digital services, driven by a team of experts, with a focus on achieving success for their clients. They have offices in Paris, Nice and Istanbul
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228 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, Paris, 75010, FR
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